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CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya
(Updated as on 30.11.2018 the last working day of the month).

S.N. Initiative ( Establish a link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight into the initiative) Class Learning objective initially envisaged Schedule for Activity Learning objective realized or not Name of the teacher  incharge along with designation
1. Excursion


Awareness about the surrounding curiosity, visiting naturally, enjoyment, discipline Yes Mrs. Uditta
2. Worksheets

I - V

To attain MLL, to Acquire Knowledge beyond Textbooks, Creativity, Revision Attained All subject teachers
3. CCA (Solo Song & Group Song Competition) 1-V Mass Participation, Motivation, To Promote all round development of the child, Co-ordination Developed All House Masters, Music Teacher, CCA I/C Associate CCA
4. Class Library Setup

All Primary Classes

Develop good reading habits, Increase their general knowledge, To write book review, create interest for reading understanding In regular periods yes

Mr Vivek Trivedi

All Primary Teachers

5. Drawing Competition (Water Conservation)

I – V

Develop creativity, Interest, Making Practice, Motivation, Know about water conservation and its values Yes Ms Parul  All Class Teachers
6. Educational Filmshow

All Primary Classes

Moral Values, Entertainment, Understanding, Having Knowledge, Increase General Knowledge Yes All Class Teachers.
7. Community Lunch III & IV Attitude of sharing & caring, Knowledge of Healthy Food, Enjoyment of Hygiene Yes All Primary Teachers