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The objectives of the School library are:

Provide access to documents in print and non-print form that supports and enhances the school curriculum.
Encourage and enrich reading habits.
Provide students with access and opportunities to use technology
Help students interact with the academic community all over the world
Help students develop information literacy and evaluation skills.
Develop healthy competitive spirit.
Provide information and assistance related to various career opportunities and competitions
The School Library caters to the diverse information needs of the staff and studensts of the vidyalaya. The library is well equipped to provide reference as well as lending facilities to the students.

Besides the printed documents, the library is having a number of educational and reference CD-ROMs to support the teaching learning process.Library subscribes to 41 periodicals (English and Hindi) which include scientific magazines to help the students to acquire latest information.Special attention is given to develop a collection of authentic reference materials on higher education, careers, competitions and scholarships.The library maintains an online catalogue to facilitate easy access to the materials.Total collection of the library is 7200 books. New books are regularly added after judicious selection based on the suggestions by the staff and students.

The Science Laboratories in the school is well equipped with sophisticated instruments for conducting innumerable science experiments and projects. The laboratories are always the centre of activity for the students to learn Science by doing.

Vidylaya has also established a Mathematics Laboratory as per the standards laid down by NCERT which facilitates practical learning of Mathematics through various demonstrative, interactive and self explanatory projects and models.ACTIVITY ROOM :
Activity room of the Primary Section provides the students a platform for learning through playing. Here the little ones express their creativity and imagination through the different models made by various materilas. They enjoy theri school life drawing, colouring, painting and creating models of various objects.

The school is having a Children' Park for the children with jhulas, sliders, see-saw etc.

The audio-visual room of the Vidyalaya is having Multimedia Computer, LCD and OVerhead Projectors, Audio Player and Colour Television. The AV Room is utilised for effective use of technology in teaching-learning process. The lessons are made interactive and attractive to the students throuhg the use of multimedia.

Students are encouraged to make Power Point Presentations on various topics. Educational CD-ROMs and Digital Reference Materials are utilised in the AV Room.

Physical Infrastructure

S.No. Type of room No. of such rooms available No. of rooms lying vacant
1 Class room 22  
2 Science Lab. 03  
3 Computer Lab. 01  
4 Library 01  
5 Jr. Science Lab. 01  
6 Resource Room ( Primary wing) 01  
7 Resource room ( Secondary wing) Audio Visual Room 01  
8 Activity room 01  
9 Staff Common Room 02  
10 Sports & Games Room 02  
11 M.I Room (Medical Inspection) 01  
12 S.U.P.W Room 01  
13 Music Room 01  
14 Scout & Guide Room 01  
15 Principal's Office 01  
16 Office 01  

Art & Crafts Room